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Popular International (PVT) Limited

is basically an Import, Distribution, Marketing Company, which renders services particularly to multinational and the national manufacturers of Surgical, Orthopedics Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Healthcare Products.
Popular International employs a team of enthusiastic professionals who in various divisions of the Company put their skills to work in many ways to provide services in the following business disciplines:

This Organization operates through its various divisions and a countrywide distribution network to utilize all available distribution channels including retail outlets, wholesalers, sub-distributors, private hospitals and all government and army medical institutions.
With an experience of more than four decades in the field of Healthcare in Pakistan Popular International has gained the expertise to successfully introduce any new and specialized product manufactured by a multinational or a Pakistani manufacturer.
The successful introduction of ‘Dry Chemistry’ in the Analytical Laboratories, highly specialized ‘Human Immune Globulin’ for the Immune Compromised patients, the ‘Anti-Haemophilic Factors’ for Hemophilia patients, the ‘Blood Glucose Monitoring System’ for Diabetic patients and the disposable ‘Sterile Packaging System’ for Sterilization Service Departments in the hospitals are some of the “first” in Pakistan introduced by Popular International.
As well successfully launched and marketed Antiserum (blood grouping reagents) and disposable products in Pakistan on behalf of foreign principals.


“Popular International (Pvt.) Ltd is a decade old organization growing from Popular pharmacy to Popular International. Over the years it has been a tremendous struggle but we have established the name Popular international as one the leading health care distributors in this country. In these years there has been a change from a local company to nationwide company In future we see ourselves as international company and a global company.”

Popular International has been satisfying its customer’s needs since 1953. Our success has been largely dependent on personalized customer service and satisfaction.

Now we offer hundreds of products and related to instrumentation for doctors, biologists, surgeons and technicians in the fields of endocrinology, toxicology, oncology, dialectology, immunology, infectious diseases, hematology, and clinical biochemistry. And this is not the end we would continue to strive and offer the best services and products related to every field of the health sector.